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Pre-emptive medical care from Vesag

Old age brings with many ailments and diseases. The body is no longer strong as before and years of work and stress have weakened your immune system making you susceptible to diseases and illness. Many of you are forced to make changes in lifestyles due to advancing age because of these health problems.

What you need is:

A holistic health management plan
A pre-emptive approach instead of reactive
A real-time information
A system monitoring crucial health parameters like blood pressure, heart rate and blood glucose on a regular basis.
Monitoring health parameters

Blood Pressure:

According to medical reports, blood pressure is a frequent cause of pathology in the elderly. This is because with age the arteries become stiffer. Because of this, the systolic blood pressure increases causing giddiness, fatigues and impairs the proper functioning of the body.

Heart Rate:

Heart rate is another predictor of cardiovascular mortality. Studies have found that a heart rate of 80 and above increases the chances of cardiac arrests in the elderly. This condition is compounded by diabetes and blood pressure problems requiring round the clock attention.


The prevalence of diabetes increases with age; this medical condition is often compounded by other medical conditions like high blood pressure. According to reports, more than 25 % of the population over the age of 60 suffers from this disease. Untreated diabetes is a major cause of mortality in the elderly as it is closely associated with cardiovascular issues. Diabetes may also cause other health conditions like stroke, acute myocardial infarction and more, thereby, requiring constant medical attention.


EKG can be used to monitor the heart condition of the elderly on a constant basis. This non-invasive method helps in constant monitoring and early diagnosis of heart conditions. This is important because undiagnosed heart conditions have been known to cause deaths in the elderly.

Body Weigh:

Body weight is a crucial indicator of health; however, unlike the young, low body mass index is a major cause of mortality in the elderly. With age the body tends to lose fat with most of the fat deposited in the visceral region causing disability and other health conditions.

Pulse Rate:

Pulse rate is another crucial indicator of health and should be monitored on a regular basis for a more holistic view of health.

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